Message From The CEO

Each one of us who make up the about over 7 billion people in the world is God’s unique blessing and answer to the world. You have something special to offer that no one else can do better than you, and until you realize your special gifts and develop your potential for what you’ve been called to do, you will miss out on being part of the world’s greatest impacts and just exist. You owe it to God and the generation you are in to be all that God has called you to be, unleash your talents for meaningful impact, and working on a dream that will meet global needs, remember, no excuse is valid for not doing all these.

One thing I’m proud of is being an African specifically a Ghanaian, born in Africa, and raised in Africa - I’m challenged daily to give my best, to be more creative and innovative, challenge the status quo, learn hard, be problem solving oriented, and be a better leader. Who I am and what I have is needed for such a time as this. The environment you find yourself is not always the problem, our biggest challenge has always been ourselves - when we can do more but give excuses for what we don't have. No matter how an idea is and the challenges involved, if it is in the right hands and with the appropriate help, it will work and make the needed impact. That's why The IdeaHub Africa is here, we want to give every dream a chance, we want to be by your side when you say, “Thank God I did it”.

The problems of this world are worth our ideas and efforts in solving them so don't let anyone talk you out of your dream. Tomorrow is not promised but the future is promising with the young men and women of today relentlessly and purposefully working to make each day count with their dreams and ideas. Work hard at your dream and God given purpose, the world cries in silence awaiting the difference needed to meet global needs, be sure to be one they can count on. Start small like The IdeaHub Africa but think and impact globally.

My name is Nancy Nyarko and I believe in the potential of Africa to raise problem solvers to meet global needs, and working together, we can make greater impact. The success of the world needs all hands-on deck and no one can achieve greatness in solitary. Let’s work together, allow us be part of your success story, speak to The IdeaHub Africa and as we incubate ideas for relevant impact and help build businesses.


Founder & CEO

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