IdeaHub TV

We all contribute to global solutions to meet more needs and make our world a better place. We believe that when it comes to problem solving and innovation, Africa has the potential and market to feed the world and with the right help and support, we can raise more problem solvers and innovators from Africa to the world.

IdeaHub TV discovers entrepreneurs or individuals, engage them in conversations on how relevant their ideas and businesses are in solving African and global problems. We ask the right questions to know the passion behind their works and how different the world will be with these entrepreneurs in it.

The show is also to expose these ideas, businesses, innovations, and individuals to the right help who will push them to their realization. The betterment of our continent, Africa, needs all hands on deck, You matter.

If you are an entrepreneur and you believe your idea is worth discussing and the whole world must hear, please send us a mail at, and let’s get talking.

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