23rd Mar, 18

Ghana Beyond Aid; Awakening the Ghanaian Entrepreneur

There’s a day in the not too distant future when Ghana would go beyond aid. There is a day when Ghana would boast of true independence and self-reliance because we can truly manage our own affairs. There is a day soon to come when we would not only be capable of meeting our needs with our own resources but extending our hand to meeting global needs as well. That Ghana will depend on the collective efforts of Ghanaians; where we intentionally press on to realize this vision.

Anytime Ghana going beyond aid is spoken of, I think of the Ghanaian entrepreneur; that very one who has been hailed the most as one of Ghana’s solution to economic growth, but taking a second glance at the entrepreneurship industry and the majority of businesses that arise from there, I ask myself, “Can they be that hope for our economic revolution and going beyond aid?”

There are no shortages of entrepreneurs or business owners in Ghana. They can be found everywhere; on our streets, by the roadside, almost every nook and cranny is occupied by a business, but how have these businesses contributed to solving the real problems of Ghana. The industry is dominated by multiplicity of the same ideas under different names with little innovation to meet real needs. Having multiple businesses of the same kind is not entirely bad. They help serve a larger population at different locations, but when duplicating existing businesses just to make money becomes the focus, it hinders the opportunity for developing our potential to meet the same needs or even different ones uniquely. It also creates little room for creative thinking and innovation.

Take a look at the businesses that are springing up and you would wonder if the Ghanaian entrepreneur is really thinking and being innovative to meet needs. Every business meets a need but apparently many entrepreneurs have not come to this realization because making money has become the primary focus as opposed to meeting specific needs. Don’t just start a business, solve real painful problems. After all, money is a reward for solving a problem.

WaterSmart, Valor Water, TOTO, Pluto AI, RWL Water are businesses set up to solve water crisis. Plasticity Sydney was started to get rid of plastic waste and convert it into something meaningful. At a time when there were fuel shortages, some countries developed cars that consumed lesser fuel. What can you make smarter or better?”

If we will indeed go beyond aid, then our educational system especially our curriculum should prepare us well enough to think beyond aid. Schooling is not all about getting “As”. It is definitely more than that. It is much more meant to develop the potentials of students to serve a purpose. Our educational system should catch up with the evolution of time. It ought to!

To my dear Parents, not every child was made to be an extension of yourself or to be who you couldn’t be. Children possess their very own unique and peculiar gifts to serve their generation. Aid them in finding it as well as assisting them in its development to serve their intended purpose.

To the Youth, the government can only be a support system; they don’t owe you a dream or a better future so quit blaming them for everything. Grab the bull by its horns and start a great work on yourself; that is your first step towards entrepreneurial success. Let us think deep, look into ourselves, discover our talents and potentials, and innovate to drive our economy and move Ghana beyond aid.

By Nancy Nyarko

Editor - Paapa Ebo Gyebi


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