About Us

Africa's Innovation Hub

With the springing up of startups and businesses doing almost the same thing, leaving many of the world’s problems unsolved, there’s the need to help grow, mentor and raise purpose driven and problem solving oriented businesses and entrepreneurs who will intentionally make meaningful impact and a difference with their ideas whiles making money.

There is the need to redirect the primary focus of entrepreneurship from making money to solving real problems.

The IdeaHub Africa, then comes in as a Branding and Business Consulting Company with the mission to help grow businesses and ideas to be functional and relevant in our society, by providing them with the needed tools and creating the right systems for more efficient work and people development, leading to lasting global impact.

Our range of services are in two categories:

Branding and Business Consulting.

Our branding services include:

1) Design of logo, letterheads, business cards, fliers and other corporate branding needs

2) Web Design and Development

3) Social Media Management

4) Public Relations and Brand Reputation Management

Our business consulting services are:

1) Management Consulting

2) Business Development Consulting

3) Corporate Training

4) Startup Mentoring

These services are tailored to serve the Ghanaian and African business to meet the need they have envisioned to solve The IdeaHub Africa has partnered with companies, individuals, and institutions in creating brands that stands out with excellent services.
It is our dream and hope that one day the continent Africa will be sustained by Africans with African ideas and have global relevance and impact, and the time to help grow and raise entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses for that vision is now. We are working hard to make our nation better than how we came to meet it.


That one day, Africa’s problems will be solved by Africans, with African ideas and internally generated funds and resources whiles solving global problems.


To grow, mentor, and raise purpose driven and problem solving oriented businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs from Africa to the world meeting global needs.


  1. Respect
  2. Integrity
  3. Excellence
  4. Discipline
  5. Commitment
  6. Innovation & Creativity
  7. Love
  8. Service to Others


What People Say About Us

I was never the morning type. I was always moody and down each morning till I came across The IdeaHub Africa. Now I am awoken to inspiring messages from them and thus urges me on to hold my head up.

Linda Terkie Lartey
Final Year Law Student, UCC

My experience with The IdeaHub Africa has to do with their resourcefulness and real-time chats to meet customers’ needs at any time. Their services are prompt and reliable. Always choose The IdeaHub Africa

Mr. Kofi Tetteh
President, Reach Foundation

The only impossible journey is the one you never start and I'm glad The IdeaHub Africa was there to help me take that step. Their ideas and core values went a long way to help my company.

Ruby Adjei
CEO, D'Nezess Beauty Bar

The IdeaHub Africa is a great company to work with! Very professional and prompt in delivery, highly recommended for branding and startup consulting.

David Gyekye
Civic Educator

The IdeaHub Africa, there is NO EMPTY DREAM. Dreams are birth out in their full prospect. I entreat you to contact The IdeaHub Africa for your business needs.

Elizabeth Seidu
Adminitrative Assistant, Yolo Experience

I really appreciate the educative and inspirational content the team shares on WhatsApp as well as its other social media platforms. it is such a great encouragement, and I really enjoy every bit of it.

Barbara Vondee
CEO, Vondee World

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